Jason Snell: ‘Underestimating Apple’s Bold Moves’

Jason Snell, writing at Six Colors:

Which brings us to the Dynamic Island, a stark reminder about the
limits of rumors emerging from Apple’s hardware supply chain.
Everyone who reported on the size and shape of the new cutouts on
the iPhone 14 Pro models was absolutely right — and yet couldn’t
see the forest for the trees. The cutouts were only the start of
the story.

Leaks from inside Cupertino are a lot harder to come by. And so we
missed the bigger picture, which is that Apple took the reduced
size of its sensor cutouts as an opportunity to redesign a big
portion of the iOS interface. (Remember, it’s been five years
since the iPhone X introduced the stable peninsula that we call
the notch. That was the first cut at this sort of interface; the
company’s had half a decade to think about its next move.)

It was pretty fun that so much hadn’t leaked about yesterday’s news, and the Dynamic Island is at the top of that list.

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