Here’s how For All Mankind uses the sun to push people through space

What you need to know

  • A new Apple TV+ YouTube video takes a look at the science behind For All Mankind.
  • The new video investigates how the sun can be used to push spacecraft.
  • For All Mankind season three is streaming on Apple TV+ now.

Watch how the science behind For All Mankind season three really works..

Apple TV+ has begun to share new YouTube videos that show us the science behind its popular sci-fi show For All Mankind. The latest video gives us an idea of how the sun can be used to push people and their crafts through space, and not just in a TV show.

For All Mankind is one of the hottest things on Apple TV+ right now, but it’s nowhere near as hot as the sun. This video shows how the sun’s rays can be used to help propel a ship through the stars, and while it could be some time before we’re using this technology to get to Mars like in the show, it’s already being used in real life right now.

Watch the surprisingly informative and entertaining video to see the science behind For All Mankind season three.

How can light help us travel through space? Join Wrenn Schmidt and discover the science behind For All Mankind. Watch now on Apple TV+ after you’ve watched the latest Season three episode.

The first two seasons of For All Mankind are available to streal on Apple TV+ now, but it’s this new third season that is kicking things up a notch. The space race is over, but it’s also just beginning — everyone’s been to the Moon and now everyone’s aiming further. Mars is where it’s at, but who will get there first out of the United States, the USSR, and private business?

The third season is working its way to a conclusion so make sure to get all caught up. You’ll need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch, while an Apple One subscription bundle will get you the best bang for your buck with Apple Music and other services thrown in.

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