Apple Will Now Allow Developers to Transfer Ownership of Apps That Use iCloud

Jordan Morgan:

The most impactful change to come out of W.W.D.C. had nothing to
do with APIs, a new framework or any hardware announcement.
Instead, it was a change I’ve been clamoring for the last several
years – and it’s one that’s incredibly indie friendly. As you’ve
no doubt heard by now, I’m of course talking about iCloud enabled
apps now allowing app transfers
. […]

When my last app, Spend Stack, was acquired — it took nearly
four months to get settled. This was an experienced buyer who
usually had things done and dusted in one week. Why did it take so
long? Because I didn’t just sell Spend Stack, I had to sell my
entire LLC, Dreaming In Binary, which I had owned for many years
to that point. Instead of transferring the app, I had to manage a
slew of logistical hurdles that neither I, or the acquirer, wanted
to otherwise.

This one might deserve a non-sarcastic finally.

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