Annoying iOS 16 Copy and Paste Prompts Are, Seriously, a Bug Not a Feature

Sami Fathi, reporting for MacRumors:

As user annoyance with the behavior boils high, Apple has finally
responded, saying the constant pop-up is not how the feature is
intended to work. MacRumors reader Kieran sent an email to Craig
Federighi and Tim Cook, complaining about the constant prompt and
advocating for Apple to treat access to the clipboard the same
way iOS treats third-party access to location, camera,
microphone, and more.

Ron Huang, a senior manager at Apple, joined the email thread
saying the pop-up is not supposed to appear every time a user
attempts to paste. “This is absolutely not expected behavior, and
we will get to the bottom of it,” Huang said. Huang added that
this behavior is not something Apple has seen internally but that
Kieran is “not the only one” experiencing it.

I don’t know what triggers this bug, but I haven’t seen it. My best guess is that it’s somehow because I’ve been living on iOS 16 betas since late July, and moved that backup over to the new phone when I was setting it up. However I avoided it, I’m thankful, because it sounds annoying as hell.

Update: The Wall Street Journal reports that an iOS update with a fix — along with fixes for a few other common bugs — will be coming next week.

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