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Sharing from within Apps on the iPad

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Learn how to use the Share icon to share from within an app on the iPad.

How do you share a photo from the Messages app? Or email a photo in your Photos app? How do you do this? With the Share icon. You select what you want to share, and if the app can share it, you’ll see the Share icon. Tap on that and select how you want to share it. Learn how to find and share through the Share Icon in this video for the iPad.

Video TranscriptIn this video, we’re going to look at how we can share from within apps on the iPad. Let’s say you receive a photo in the Messages app. How can you share that with someone. Or maybe you want to share a photo from the Photos app. You want to share it via the Messages app, or you just want to share a file from the Files app. How do we do that? Well, let’s find out, let’s go to my iPad. So

I’m looking at my iPad here and let’s go and open up my messages app here. When I opened this up, you’re going to see, I have a number of messages here, and I have some photos here. What I would like to do is share this one. I want to share this via the messages app.

Well, the way that we do that is through the share icon. This is a universal icon. You’ll find it in most apps or any app that you can share. If we go and select this photo. And the upper right-hand corner. You’re going to see this little icon here with an arrow pointing up. This is the share icon. When I tap on this, what I’m able to do is share it via airdrop airdrop allows me to share it with any devices that are nearby.

I can also send it via messages or mail or open it up in the books app. I swipe over. I have more. I can share with my notes app. I can also share with my reminders app. And then if we go down towards the bottom here, I also can print it. So basically think of sharing as distributing that document. If you want to open it up in another app, you would share it.

You want to send it to someone in the messages app, or maybe you want to email it to someone. You share it with them. You want to print it, you share it with your. Let’s take a look at this in another app. I’m going to swipe up here and let’s go over to my files app here. What I would like to do is maybe share this newsletter here.

All I have to do is just select it. And then again, if we go to the upper right-hand corner, you’re going to see, we have that share icon. When I click on that. I can share it. Let’s go to my photos app. I click on photos here. I have this photo pulled up. I want to share this with someone. I want to send it to someone via messages or maybe mail.

Well, again, if we go to the upper right hand corner, you’re going to see we have this share icon. And when I click on it, you’re going to see that this looks very familiar. What I’m able to do is airdrop it, and then I can also message it or mail it to. And when I swipe up, I can also print it. So that’s how we share documents on the iPad.

Basically, all we have to do is just open up our document that we want to share. It really doesn’t matter which app it’s in. And then we look for that universal share icon. It’s a little square with an arrow coming out the top, pointing out the top. When you tap on that, you’re going to have all of your sharing options.

Basically, you can airdrop it with anyone that is nearby. You can open it up in other applications, such as the messages app or the mail app, and then you can also print it. So that’s how we share documents from more than an app on the iPad.

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