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  1. Classes on using the iPad
    4 Lessons
  2. New in iPadOS 17
    2 Lessons
  3. New in iPadOS 16
    9 Lessons
  4. Getting Started with the iPad
    17 Lessons
  5. iPad Basics
    27 Lessons
  6. Home Screen Basics
    18 Lessons
  7. Keyboard and Dock Lessons for the iPad
    9 Lessons
  8. Notifications and Control Center Lessons for the iPad
    7 Lessons
  9. Multitasking on the iPad
    5 Lessons
  10. iPad Settings
    10 Lessons
  11. Accessibility Options for the iPad
    6 Lessons
  12. Lessons for Older Versions of iPadOS
    4 Lessons
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Find your Lost Apps on the iPad

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Misplaced an iPad App? Don’t Search Blindly! Use This Smart Guide!

Misplaced an app on your iPad or struggling to locate a recently downloaded one? Don’t worry! In this video, I’ll guide you through several foolproof methods to find lost apps on your iPad, applicable to both older models and the latest iPadOS.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:19 Compatibility with Older iPads and iPadOS Versions
  • 01:01 How to Search for a Lost App on iPad
  • 01:37 Locate Apps Effortlessly in the App Library
  • 02:21 Display the App Library in List View for Easy Browsing
  • 03:06 Tips to Add Apps Back to the Home Screen from the App Library
  • 03:44 Quick Method to Add Apps to Home Screen Directly from Search
  • 04:28 Settings Adjustment: Choose Where New Apps Get Installed
  • 07:07 Wrap Up and Final Thoughts
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