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View All your iPad Apps in the App Library

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Learn how to access your Apps from the App Library, including seeing them in an alphabetical list.

In this lesson for the iPad, I look a the new App Library introduced with iPadOS 15. The App Library shows you all of your apps you have installed. It organizes them into folders based on what category the developer has them them in when they submit them to Apple. You can also view all the apps alphabetically in a list. Take a look at the App Library in this lesson for the iPad.

Video TranscriptIn this video, we’re going to look at the app library on the iPad. This was introduced with iPadOS 15. Let’s go to my iPad.

So I’m looking at my home screen here and you can see, I have a number of different apps. You’re also going to see, I do have other home screens here. I swipe over to the left. I’m looking at more apps and I’m looking at more apps again. So I have a number of different apps on here.

Well with iPadOS 15, Apple added the App Library. Now, if you’re familiar with the iPhone, you probably know about the App Library, as they introduced this wih the iPhone with iOS 14. Well, now we have it on the iPad.

What we need to do is go to the last home screen, I’m on the last home screen here. And when I swipe over to the left again, I’m at my App Library. So what am I looking at here? Well, when you first go to the App Library here, what Apple does, is it groups, all of your different apps together by category. So we can see here are all of my Utility applications or apps. These are all of my Social apps. So they’re grouped together by category into different folders.

Now this category that these apps are in is actually determined by the developer. When a developer submits an app, they also submit what category it goes into. So it’s not that Apple is placing these into these different folders. The developer is. I just wanted to clarify that.

So now let’s take a look at this folder here, this category here. What I can do is tap on Safari, the Settings app, or the App Store, those larger icons. I can tap on those and it’ll open up those specific applications. I go over to my Creativity category here. I tap on iMovie, Photos, or the camera. It’s going to open up those specific applications.

How do I open up the folder to see all of the other apps? Well, then what I need to do is go in the lower right-hand corner. In this case here, you’re going to see Clips and GarageBand. When I tap on this area here, it opens up that folder. I tap outside of any one of those icons and it brings you back to the App Library. So I want to open up this folder here. What I do is I tap on this area here in the lower right-hand corner of that folder. And now I can see all of those apps.

We do have a couple of categories here that apple added. We have Suggestions. This is based on Siri suggestions. And then I also have Recently Added. It so I can see all of the apps that I’ve recently added.

Now we can also view these as a list in alphabetical order. This is one of my favorite ways to view these apps. All you have to do is just swipe down when you’re looking at your App Library. And now we can see all of the apps in alphabetical order. I tap on any one of them to open it up. To go back, I just tap outside here and it brings me back.

I can also easily search for a specific app.

Another way of going to the App Library is going down to the Dock and on the far right corner here, or on the far right edge of the Dock, we have our App Library. So I can also easily access our App Library just by tapping on this. There’s my App Library. This is really handy when you have a lot of home screens. As I mentioned to get to the library, what I have to do is I have to swipe, swipe, and then swipe. If you have a lot of home screens, you have to keep swiping. Well, on the iPad, what we’re able to do is just go down to the right edge of the Dock. I tap on this icon here and it shows my library. I swipe down, I can see a list, tap outside, brings me back. Tap outside again, and it brings me back to my home screen. My first home screen.

So that’s a look at our App Library on the iPad. This was introduced with iPadOS 15 and basically works the same way as the library does on the iPhone. We go to our last home screen, swipe again over to the left, we can see all of our apps. They’re going to be categorized. And if we swipe down, we can also see a list of all those apps. And then on the iPad, we also have our App Library in the Dock.

So that’s a look at our App Library on the iPad.

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