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  1. Classes on using the iPad
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  2. New in iPadOS 17
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  3. New in iPadOS 16
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  4. Getting Started with the iPad
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  5. iPad Basics
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  6. Home Screen Basics
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  7. Keyboard and Dock Lessons for the iPad
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  8. Notifications and Control Center Lessons for the iPad
    7 Lessons
  9. Multitasking on the iPad
    5 Lessons
  10. iPad Settings
    10 Lessons
  11. Accessibility Options for the iPad
    6 Lessons
  12. Lessons for Older Versions of iPadOS
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4 Ways to Find and Delete an App on the iPad and iPhone

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Learn 4 different ways to find and delete apps on the iPad and iPhone, including my favorite way – through Spotlight Search.

We all know we can delete an app by long pressing on it while it is on a Home Screen. But did you know you could delete apps from the App Library, and even from Spotlight Search? See 4 different ways to delete apps in this video for the iPad and iPhone.

Video Transcription
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