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  1. Classes on using the iPad
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  2. New in iPadOS 16
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  3. Getting Started with the iPad
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  4. iPad Basics
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  5. Home Screen Basics
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  6. Keyboard and Dock Lessons for the iPad
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  7. Notifications and Control Center Lessons for the iPad
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  8. Multitasking on the iPad
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  9. iPad Settings
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  10. Accessibility Options for the iPad
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  11. Lessons for Older Versions of iPadOS
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Remove Split-Views on the iPad

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Learn how to make an app open in full-screen when it is in Split-view on the iPad

If you’ve opened an app in split-view on the iPad, you probably noticed that every time you open that app, it opens in split-view again. How do you open that app back up in full-screen again? There are a few ways to do this on the iPad. See how to open an app back in full-screen after it is set to open in split-view in this video for the iPad.

Video Transcription
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