Backing Up your Apple Devices

Learn how to back up your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Learn how to backup your Mac, iPad, and iPhone with Time Machine and iCloud.

If there is one thing I recommend over top of everything else, it is to backup your different devices. We all store a lot of information on our devices now, including photos, music, documents, and more. What you want to do is make sure this data is backed up, so if something were to happen, maybe your Mac crashed, or you lost your iPhone, what you would be able to restore all your data on a new device. The question is, how do you do this? Can the Mac backup to iCloud? What options are there? Apple makes it easy to backup your different devices, but it is not all the same. You do not want to back up your Mac using iCloud as an example. But how does this all work? How can you make sure your devices are being backed up? That’s where these lessons come in. I show you everything from why you want to use Time Machine to back up your Mac, exclude folders, restoring files, and backing up your iPad and iPhone using iCloud. I hope you find them helpful!

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