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Watch my Security and Privacy with your Apple Devices Class

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A class to help you learn how to manage your security and privacy on  your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Class Notes

Here is the link I mentioned in the class for finding out if your email has been breached: https://haveibeenpwned.com

Are you looking to learn about the different options Apple offers to protect you? This class may help! In this class I go over the different features Apple offers to protect you and your privacy on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I also cover some of what you can do to protect yourself as well.

Some of what I cover in this class include the following topics:

Password Management

  • Use a separate Password for every site and account
  • Use Autofill in Safari
  • Set Keychain to sync with iCloud

Email Tips

  • Block Emails
  • Report Junk Mail
  • Junk Mail Filter
  • Preventing Phishing and Ransomeware


  • Block Messages

iPhone Security Tips

  • Blocking Unwanted Calls
  • Do you need antivirus software on an iPhone?

iPad Security Tips

  • Touch ID Options
  • Do Not Track across Apps
  • Do you need antivirus software on an iPad?

Mac Tips

  • Touch ID Options
  • Do you need antivirus software on an Mac?
  • How to protect yourself from malware

Privacy Settings for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

  • Microphone Access
  • Camera Access
  • Location Services

Safari Security Tips

  • Open Safe Files after downloading
  • How to identify fraudulent websites
  • Prevent Cross-site tracking
  • Clear Browsing History
  • How to allow or deny camera, microphone, and location access with specific websites
  • How to block pop-up windows

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