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Oct 5

Ask Me Anything Webinar

October 5, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

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Join me for an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar on all things Apple! I’ll be answering your questions about Apple products and services. I’ll share tips and tricks for using your Apple devices to their full potential.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction (00:00 – 01:25)
  • Chapter 2: iPad Recommendations (01:25 – 06:20)
  • Chapter 3: Installing macOS on Older Macs (06:20 – 15:15)
  • Chapter 4: Ad Blockers in Safari (15:15 – 20:35)
  • Chapter 5: Safari Profiles (20:35 – 29:10)
  • Chapter 6: Compressing PDFs (29:10 – 55:15)
  • Chapter 7: Scanning Issues on Epson Scanners (55:15 – 1:16:10)
  • Chapter 8: Wrap Up (1:16:10 – 1:25:20)

Summary of AMA

This AI-generated summary may contain inaccuracies. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered authoritative. Please consult the original presentation for accuracy.

Software and App Solutions Discussion

Dan and Betty discussed their software and app usage, with particular attention to Adobe Pro and its cost. Betty mentioned she had found a potential solution involving additional apps, while Dan recommended a suite that includes Nitro Pro. They also discussed a recent issue with a registration field in an event Dan was organizing. Meanwhile, Dan and Edward discussed Zoom’s new AI feature, with Dan planning to test it during their meeting.

Elgato Setup and Q&A With Dan

Dan showcased and discussed his video setup which included Elgato products such as lights and a camera. He made adjustments to the setup based on the season and was planning to set up his camera soon. Edward suggested that Dan should share his setup in a future session, which Dan agreed to do. Dan also mentioned that he has been gradually adding more elements to his setup and was satisfied with its current state. In addition, he hosted an open question and answer session where he discussed various topics including how to install Mac OS on an older Mac, replacing an iPad with iPad OS 17, and the differences between different iPads. Dan also shared his recommendations based on users’ needs.

Comparing Apple’s iPads: Pro, Air, and Regular

Dan compared the different types of iPads offered by Apple, focusing on the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the iPad. He advised against purchasing the iPad Mini, considering its size similar to the regular iPad, but more expensive. He highlighted the differences in price, size, display, and features, such as the camera, anti-reflective coating, and the M1 chip, between the iPad Air and the other models. Dan also discussed the home button location on the iPad and its impact on the display.

Exploring Open Core Legacy Patch for Older Macs

Dan presented his research on an open core legacy patch for older versions of Mac, which could potentially enable the installation of macOS on older Macs that don’t support it. However, he clarified that this solution isn’t suitable for all Mac models and advised users to consult a specific website for further instructions. There was also a discussion about software compatibility with newer operating systems, with Dan noting that while Apple supports older versions of Mac OS, their newer software often renders older machines obsolete. Bruce raised a question about running software from 20 years ago on a 64-bit Windows, but Dan didn’t provide an answer, leaving an open question about the compatibility of 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.

OS Upgrade Compatibility and Security Concerns for Older Macs

Bruce and Dan discussed the potential compatibility issues that might arise from upgrading the operating system on older Mac devices. Dan emphasized the importance of keeping up with security updates despite potential issues with older systems. George raised concerns about the risks of going too far back with operating systems due to security vulnerabilities. Dan shared his experience with older devices and demonstrated the use of safari profiles on Mac. He also presented a new feature that involves a video he created for Chrome users, showcasing a feature of Apple’s ICloud Passwords that works with Chrome-based browsers like Brave or Google Chrome. The feature involves a third-party extension made by Apple, not a third party. There were no questions or comments from the attendees following Dan’s presentation.

iPhone 15 Pro: Protective Cases and USB Cables

George discussed his plans to purchase an iPhone 15 pro and sought recommendations for a protective case. Dan, Tom, and Chrys suggested various options, with Dan favoring the Rhino Shield due to its slim design. George also inquired about a USB cable for car play, sparking a discussion about the varying quality and labeling of USB cables, with Dan emphasizing the importance of choosing a reputable brand. Bruce shared that he purchased a compatible USB cable on Amazon for his iPhone 15 pro.

Email Scam, Phone Cases, and Zoom Summaries

Dan and Janet discussed a problem Janet was having with a scam email appearing in her Hotmail Calendar without her subscription. Dan suggested several steps for Janet to try and delete the email. Tom shared a new series of phone cases called Mag Safe by Otterbox, which Bruce confirmed he also had and found effective. The group discussed the use of Zoom’s summary feature, with Dan enabling it for their meeting and planning to share the summary on his site. George brought up the question of the difference in features between computers and mobile devices, to which Dan responded that he would provide an update on the summary feature at the end of the meeting.

Exploring Ad Blockers and PDF Compression Tools

Dan discussed his experiences with ad blockers and PDF compression tools. He expressed his preference for the PDF compression tool within Sudap, mentioning its customizable compression profiles, and his use of an ad blocker called Adlock, which he found effective on his iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Dan also noted that mixed results were found with ad blockers, encouraging others to share their experiences with ad blockers.

Reducing PDF File Sizes Discussed

Dan and Bruce discussed methods for reducing file sizes in PDFs. Dan demonstrated using Preview to compress a large 59MB PDF to 25MB, and then a second time to 21MB. Bruce mentioned saving and exporting files, and Dan clarified the process of using the option key to access the save as feature in Preview. The discussion concluded without a final resolution on how to further reduce the file size.

File Size Reduction Test Results

Dan and Bruce discussed the use of a program to reduce file size. They tested the program on a large image file, with Dan using the ‘P.Df Squeezer’ tool to compress the file significantly. They also used the built-in preview app on a Mac to further reduce the file size. Finally, they tested the compressed file on a large keynote file provided by Barry, reducing its size from 50MB to 16.8MB. All participants expressed satisfaction with the results.

Optimizing Keynote Files: Reduce and Compress

Dan provided advice to reduce file sizes in Keynote presentations. He highlighted the use of gradients and multiple colors, which take up extra space and can make files larger. He demonstrated how to compress a file in Keynote, and also explained that reducing file sizes might involve trimming large images or movies within the presentation. Chrys expressed concern about large Pdf files causing issues when sent via email, and Dan suggested using Open and Preview as a solution. Barry was encouraged to try reducing his file sizes to under 10MB.

Setting Up Safari Profiles for Personal and Work Life

Dan demonstrated how to set up profiles in Safari. He explained that profiles are useful for creating different accounts for different aspects of life, such as personal and work. He further explained how to install updates for Safari, including on older versions of Ventura. Dan also highlighted that with these profiles, one can have different bookmarks and favorites for each specific area.

Logging Into Multiple Site Accounts

Dan demonstrated how to log into the same site using different accounts, which can be beneficial for troubleshooting or managing multiple accounts. He explained that this feature is particularly useful for website developers or anyone with multiple accounts. Chrys inquired about the possibility of using different profiles for different hobbies or interests, but Dan didn’t see a significant advantage to this. Later, Jerry had a question in the chat, but the transcript doesn’t include the question or Dan’s response.

Epson Printer Software Update Discussion

Dan, Jerry, and Roger discussed the update of software for Epsom printers and scanners from Macos. Dan advised Roger to download and install the latest drivers directly from Epson instead of the link from Apple. Chrys added that a change in software on a Mac often necessitates an update for the printer. Dan demonstrated a utility allowing users to scan documents using the built-in scanner in the Preview app on a Mac. He also mentioned that the Epsilon software has a driver that can be installed for a more comprehensive scanning experience. The team also discussed the potential of using this feature in future projects.

App Sharing and Trial Plans

Dan shared his experience with the Setup app and its potential benefits, while also considering user suggestions such as trying Nitro for a 7-day trial. Dan also discussed his preference for the Busy Cal app over Fantastical due to its integrated reminders. He expressed his intention to share more about the Setup app next week.

Disclaimer: This AI-generated summary may contain inaccuracies. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered authoritative. Please consult the original presentation for accuracy.

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October 5, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT
Included with Membership
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Online Webinar


Dan Wassink
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