Tutor for iTunes

Tutor for iTunes

In this tutorial, I look at how to manage media, such as music and movies, in iTunes on the Mac. I first look at the interface and how we get around iTunes. From there I look at individual features including setting the sound quality and using the MiniPlayer interface. I also look at how to import media into iTunes and once it is imported how to change the information and media kind or type. From there I look at the various types of playlists we can create and how to keep them organized. I also look at how iTunes keeps your media organized and how to turn this features off if you’d rather organize your media yourself.

Have an iPhone or an iPad? iTunes can manage iOS devices including backups, updates, and restoring. iTunes also can sync media with iOS devices. I’ll show you how all this works in Tutor for iTunes for the Mac.

Tutorial Updates

Apple and developers of Apple software are continuously updating their software. Most of these updates are for security, but every once in a while they will make an interface change. Most of these changes are minor and they do not affect the concept of how the app works. This tutorial itself is designed to cover the concepts more than what each button does specifically. This way, as these updates reach our devices, you will still have the concept of how the app works. I am updating the lessons on a regular basis to keep these differences to a minimum. If you see something I missed, please let me know.

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Tutor for iTunes on the Mac
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