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Tutor for iPad

5 New Lessons added on Troubleshooting the iPad

I’ve added 5 new lessons to my tutorial on the iPad. These lessons focus on troubleshooting the iPad. This includes backing the iPad up, restarting and force restarting the iPad, force quitting apps for when you hare having an issue with a single app, networks troubleshooting options, and reset options for the iPad.

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iPad keyboard

Keyboard Options with the iPad

Did you know your could ‘flick’ a key down to type a different character? How about split or undock the keyboard on the iPad? You can also use multiple keyboard or even dictate to your iPad. In this lesson, from my upcoming Tutor for iPad, I show how all this works and more. This lesson is one of the longer ones, but I believe it will have something for everyone.

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macOS Catalina

Upgrading to macOS Catalina? You may want to wait.

Are you planning on upgrading to macOS Catalina? You may want to wait a bit. Why? macOS Catalina brings a lot of changes to your Mac, mostly good. The OS is more secure, and Apple separated iTunes into three apps, as an example. But with these changes also come complications. If you use an app outside of iTunes to manage your music, that app may no longer work. Software used by DJs seems to be the one I am hearing about now.

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Tutor for iPhone

Using QuickPath to Type on the iPhone with iOS 13

Apple introduced a new way to type with iOS 13 on the iPad – QuickPath or Slide-to-Type. This is something that was available through apps you downloaded through the App Store in the past, but in my experience, they never worked that well. Well not any more! Apple’s implementation is nearly perfect. It really does work great. Take a look at how it works in this video.

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Welcome to my new site!

New name. New site. Same owner. Same tutorials.
It also has new features, including Live Classes or Webinars, as well as new tutorials and lessons.

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