2, 3, and 5 Pack Membership Help

How do you add a member under your 2, 3, or 5 Membership Pack? It's easy! Just follow these simple steps.

Please note: You must be the member who purchased the account in order to do these steps. If you are the recipient of a gift or were given a membership, you will be able to add or manage any sub accounts.

Gifting Memberships with a Family Plan

By selecting one of the plans above, you'll be converting your existing plan to a Family Plan. If you are a current member, you'll still have access to everything on the site, as before. You won't lose any notes, and any lesson progress you've made with the tutorials will still be there. But you'll also be able to gift memberships in a few steps.​

Step 1: Once you sign up for a family plan, go to your Account page and click on Subscriptions.
Step 2: Now click on Sub Accounts to gift a membership.
Step 3: Copy the URL by clicking on the clipboard icon. Paste what you just copied into a new Mail message and send it to whoever you want to give a membership! Once they click on it, they create their account, under your family account.

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