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Oct 19

Ask Me Anything Webinar

October 19, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

Virtual Event Virtual Event
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Watch my Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar on all things Apple! I answered your questions about Apple products and services. I shared tips and tricks for using your Apple devices to their full potential. Questions were limited for this event, so you had to register then to reserve your spot to post your question and receive the Zoom link. The webinar was recorded and is now available to watch on-demand. If you missed the live event, you can still view the full webinar video online to hear all of the Q&A and see the tips I shared.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:00:49 – Who I am
  • 00:02:12 – How do you like your iPhone 15?
  • 00:04:04 – How to Sync Messages with SMS
  • 00:14:32 – Enable Express VPN on the iPad?
  • 00:18:58 – Should Browser History be removed every month?
  • 00:25:09 – Should unrecognized Cookies be removed?
  • 00:28:25 – What is your favorite browser (Safari)? Why? Shortcomings?
  • 00:40:31 – Is Super Duper a good Backup Software?
  • 00:48:00 – Setting up a new iPhone? Any do’s or do nots?
  • 00:56:07 – How do I add Date Stamps to Photos?
  • 01:01:26 – Next Event: Behind the Scenes of my Setup


Summary of AMA

This AI-generated summary may contain inaccuracies. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered authoritative. Please consult the original presentation for accuracy.

Dan Shares Apple Tutorials, iPhone 15 Impressions & Small Business

Dan, who has been creating video tutorials for Apple software for about 10 years, conducted an AMA session where he shared that he and his wife, Susan G. Coleman, run a small business from their home. He encouraged viewers to check out his tutorials on Youtube or his website. Dan also mentioned that he plans to do a behind-the-scenes video next week and will revisit a question about adding date stamps to photos at a later point. He discussed his initial impressions of the iPhone 15, which he received a week prior. While he noted the phone’s 5 times optical zoom, slightly improved from his iPhone 14’s 3 times optical zoom, he found the difference not significant due to Apple’s improved camera technology across devices. Dan also appreciated the iPhone 15’s rounded edges and lighter feel, but couldn’t provide more extensive feedback due to unfavorable weather and limited usage.

Syncing Messages Across Apple’s Ecosystem and Android Devices

Dan discussed the syncing of messages across all devices, especially between Apple’s ecosystem and SMS, which is limited and doesn’t work well with Android devices. He explained the process of syncing the messages app across different Apple devices through enabling messages in the cloud in the settings app and ensuring that the messages app syncs with iCloud. Dan clarified that this synchronization would allow messages to be received on all linked devices, including the iPad and Mac, but noted that for messages to be received on these devices, they must be sent to a phone number associated with them. He guided the team through the process of setting up their devices, emphasizing the importance of certain settings such as message reception and text message forwarding.

SMS Configurations and VPN Instructions

Dan emphasized the need for properly configuring new devices to receive messages, particularly regarding SMS communications. He guided Bob on how to resolve an issue he had been experiencing, where new devices were not appearing on the list or had the green check or slider turned off. Dan also provided Kevin with instructions on how to enable Express VPN on his iPad and windows computer for his travel. He demonstrated the use of the VPN app, explaining its benefits and ease of use. Despite initial confusion, Dan confirmed successful usage of ExpressVPN on his devices.

Clean My Mac: A RAM and File Management Solution

Dan provided an overview of the software ‘Clean My Mac’ by Mecp, which he recommended for its ability to clear RAM and remove large files. He explained that the software also allows users to delete their web browsing history and manage extensions. Dan also mentioned that while the software is beneficial, the user’s Mac already has built-in weekly and monthly schedules for maintenance tasks.

History Management and Cookie Misconceptions

Dan discussed his approach to browsing history management, stating that he only clears it when having problems and never on a monthly basis. He explained that deleting the history erases past visits that could be beneficial for revisiting later. Dan also addressed the topic of cookie removal, suggesting it’s unnecessary as cookies are a standard part of web browsing and are critical for maintaining user identity across visits. He clarified that cookies are one-way streets, with a website placing a cookie on the user’s computer to remember their login, and the cookie cannot be shared with other websites or utilized to gather private information. Dan took control of the meeting by muting everyone to reduce background noise. He encouraged participants to interrupt him with questions or use the chat feature. Dan also discussed cookies, stating they are not necessary to delete and he has never done so himself.

Safari Preferred Over Chrome for Efficiency and Compatibility

Dan prefers Safari as his default browser due to its efficiency and compatibility with Mac devices. He appreciates its speed and battery-saving capabilities. However, he acknowledges that Safari lacks the extensive range of extensions offered by Google Chrome. Despite this, Dan uses Safari for most of his browsing needs, and he uses Google Chrome only when necessary, primarily for managing his YouTube channel. He also mentions the recent addition of profiles in Safari as an improvement.

Dan’s Gym Setup and Google Authentication Issues

Dan shared his recent experiences with setting up a new gym and some issues he encountered with Google authentication. He found that his ad blockers in Safari were causing a problem, which was resolved by turning them off. Dan also discussed his preferred search engine, noting that he often uses Google, but also likes DuckDuckGo for its Bing-based results. He shared a tip for using Google as a fallback option when DuckDuckGo doesn’t deliver the desired results. Lastly, he addressed a question about the viability of Super Duper as a backup software, although the transcript doesn’t provide any conclusive information about this.

Backup and Cloning Software Discussion

Dan and Ward discussed the use of backup and cloning software for their computers. Dan recommended Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner, both of which he has used and found to be reliable. However, Ward experienced issues with Super Duper not being able to access the backup drive at night, which was eventually solved after some unidentified updates. Dan explained that Apple’s updates have made it increasingly difficult for these software companies to operate due to heightened security measures. Despite this, both Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner are still effective tools for backing up and cloning data.

iPhone Transfer and App Advice

Dan and David discussed setting up a new iPhone, with Dan advising that the quickest method involves using iCloud, although this means some apps may not be immediately available. Dan recommended leaving the new and old iPhones next to each other for a faster transfer of data. George added that using a USB-C to Ethernet adapter can significantly speed up the process, especially for larger files like apps. He also cautioned against using the ‘Erase and Restore’ feature in iMazing, as it can erase email. David agreed to follow these steps overnight.

Phone Simulation and Photo Timestamping

David inquired about using two phones simultaneously before returning the old one to AT&T. Dan clarified that the old phone could not be used for calls after the Esim transfer to the new phone, but it could be manually deleted. Dan instructed David to erase all content and settings from the old phone, ready for return. Dan also provided a tutorial on how to add date stamps to photos using various apps on the iPad and iPhone, with the key being the term “timestamp”. He recommended the app “Date Stamper”, which allows users to select multiple photos, customize their design and layout, and add captions. For next week, Dan plans to demonstrate how he manages to switch between different devices and software during his presentations using a foot pedal and special software.


October 19, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT
Included with Membership
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Online Webinar


Dan Wassink
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