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Earn 20% for every member that you refer, including recurring subscriptions!

Perfect for Fans of my Tutorials

Are you a member of my site? Do you like it and recommend it to others? Now you can also earn 20% for each person that you refer.

Perfect for User Groups

User groups can earn some extra revenue by referring my tutorials. This is a great way to get a little extra money for your Mac/Apple user group while offering a discount for members.

Perfect for Consultants and Retail

This is great for consultants and people who own or manage a small business who are looking for training options for their customers.

Register to be an affiliate today and earn 20% of each sale you refer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? Basically the way an affiliate program works, including mine, is when you become an affiliate, you get an affiliate URL. When someone signs up using your affiliate URL, you get a commission off the sale. With my site, that is 20% of the sale. So, if someone you refer signs up with a lifetime membership, you earn $30.  

What is this affiliate URL? It is a simple link to my site that includes your username. When someone clicks on this link and signs up for membership, you get credit for it. The person you shared the link with has 60 days to sign up. This means if they click on the link and do not sign up. If they sign up 59 days later, you will get credit for that sale. 

I have a website, do you have banners? Yes! I also supply banners if you have a website. You’ll find these under your affiliate account once you sign up.

Do you offer discounts for users I refer? Yes!Upon request I also have coupon codes for no additional charge. The coupon code include a 15% discount for anyone that signs up, and yes, you also get the standard 20% commission of the sale.

How do I get paid? You earn 20% commission of every sale referred by you. At the beginning of every month, I will will make payments for the previous month. A minimum of $30 balance is required for payout. So if you’ve earned over $30 in the previous month, I pay you what you’ve earned. Payouts are made through PayPal, so you do need a PayPal account to be an affiliate.How do you

Is there a cost? No! This program is free to join and  easy to sign-up.

I am a paid member, can I become an affiliate? Absolutely! Just register as an affiliate on this page. You’ll see a new Affiliate tab under your account where you will find all the information you need.

I am not a paid member, can I become an affiliate? Yes! Anyone can become an affiliate, but if you are not a paid member you will not have access to the lessons on the site. 

Start earning today!

Become an affiliate today and start earning 20% - including renewals!

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