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Combine and Compress Files on the iPhone

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Learn how easy it is to Compress Files on the iPhone in under 5 minutes

Quickly free up storage space on your iPhone by using the Files app to easily combine and compress multiple files. This helpful tutorial shows you how to select files and merge them into one with the “Compress” option in the Files app on your iPhone. I walk through the simple steps to consolidate files like documents, photos, videos, and more to optimize your iPhone’s storage. After watching, you’ll know how to de-clutter by merging and compressing files in just a few taps!


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:44 – Introduction to the Files App
  • 01:39 – Select your Files in the Files App
  • 02:07 – Compress your Selected Files
  • 02:40 – Share your Compressed File
  • 03:37 – Wrap Up
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