13 New Lessons on What’s New in iOS 13 on the iPhone

I’m happy to announce I’ve added 13 new lessons to my Tutor for iPhone. These lessons cover What’s New in iOS 13 on the iPhone. These lessons include how to use QuickPath to type, using the new scrollbar, using gestures to cut, copy, and paste, and the new privacy options. I also look at what’s new in apps, such as where to find all your interactions with the App Store, adding attachments to events, storing files on your iPhone, using Look Around in Maps, the new Gallery view in notes, and more.

Note: I have a few more lessons recorded, but they need some voiceover editing, and I caught a nasty cold. I’m waiting for my voice to come back to normal. I hope to have them available later this week. These lessons include the new Dark Mode, Single Sign On, what’s new in Safari, and a look at the all new Reminders app.

Take a look at What’s New on the iPhone with iOS 13.

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