Video for What’s New in iOS 15 Class now available

I’m happy to announce my video for my latest class is available online! This class was on What’s new in iOS 15 and clocked out to about 1 hour 20 minutes. I held this class in a new format, and I think it turned out pretty good! I created a Keynote Presentation along with a few other tricks to add some ‘polish’ to the class. As a bonus that I didn’t realize I’d be able to do, I was also able to add chapter markers to the video so you can easily go to a specific topic!

BONUS FOR NON-MEMBERS: I am including the video for this class for everyone! As I mentioned above, this was a new format I tried using Keynote and a green screen. Going forward, this is the format my classes will be in. If you like what you see and you want to attend or view future classes, take a look at my membership options!

Some of what I covered include:

  • Navigation around the all new Safari.
  • Scheduling Notification Summaries.
  • FaceTime with non-Apple Devices.
  • Adding Tags to Notes and Reminders.
  • Keeping focused with Focus Mode.
  • View Photo Collections in Messages.
  • Find shared links and items.

Check out the video on the class page for What’s New in iOS 15.

I hope it helps!

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