Use Copy as Pathname on the Mac to Help Someone Find a File

Have you ever needed to show someone where to find a file on the Mac? Maybe you want to write it out in an email? As an example, I want to share where to find the Quickbooks backup files. Well rather than write out instructions like “Look in the Backup Files in the Quickbooks folder in the Documents folder in Users folder,” just select the file or folder in question (in my case the Backups Files folder), hold down the Option key, and choose Edit > Copy “ItemName” as Pathname. (A pathname, or path, is the sequence of nested folders that holds a file or folder, such as /Users/danwassink/Documents/QuickBooks/Backup Files.) Once you copy it, paste the path into an email message or word processing document (or wherever you like). You’ll now have the entire thing exactly where you need it, and you don’t have to worry that you’ve accidentally left out a navigational step.

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