Tutor for the Camera on the iPhone

It’s no surprise that the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, according to flickr, as it does a great job at capturing the moment – and you always have it with you. But did you know you could take bursts of photos, lock the focus and exposure, shoot live photos, take panoramic shots, reduce red-eye, adjust the lighting or color in a photos, trim videos, and more with the Camera app on the iPhone? In this tutorial we show you how all this works and more. Want to set where the slow motion starts and end in your video? We show you. Want to apply a filter to your photo before you take it? We show you how. How about marking up a photo? We show you how. If you use the Camera app for taking photos, take a look at our tutorial on Photography with the Camera app on the iPhone.

Coming Soon

I am currently working on creating or transferring this tutorial. Look for it at a later date.

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