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To apply view changes in the Records List, you may need to refresh your Records List. Learn how in this video for Tap Forms 5.

When you are working in Tap Forms 5 and you make view changes for the records list, such as changing the search or applying a new sort, you may notice that the records list does not reflect these changes. What you’ll need to do is refresh the records list. Learn how to refresh the records list in this video for Tap Forms 5.

Video TranscriptNow, when you’re working in Tap Forms 5, and you’re working on your records list, maybe you change the sort order or you change a saved search. When you go back to that record list, that record list does not reflect what you’ve changed. What you need to do is you need to refresh the record list. This is what we’re going to look at in this video for Tap Forms 5, refreshing the record list. Let’s see how we do this on the Mac. Let’s go to my Mac.

So when I’m talking about my list, I’m in Tap Forms 5 here, when I’m talking about my list, I’m talking about this list here, this column here. This is a list of all of my different records. In this case here, it’s a list of all of my different albums, My Album’s form. I click on any one of these, it’s going to select that particular record, so we can see that I’m looking at my Elton John album here.

Now, in some cases what may happen, and it depends on how many records you have, but in some cases, when you make a change to this list, this list here doesn’t reflect that change. As an example, if you were to change the search, I go over here to my saved searches. I double click on it. I can go and change that search. If I make a change here, this list does not reflect that change, or maybe I change the sort order. To do that, we go up to our Form here. We make sure that we’re looking at our Form, and then we can change our sort and group settings. This is going to be for our list here.

Well, when you make it change in some cases, as I mentioned earlier, that change is not reflected in this column. So how do we force Tap Forms 5 to reflect that change? The new sort order or the new search?

Well, all you have to do is just go down to the bottom, and you’re going to see this little icon here. When I click on this, what it will do is it’ll refresh that column, it’ll apply any changes to your search or your sort as an example. So I just click on this and now it’s refreshing that list. And any changes that I made are going to be reflected in this list.

So that’s how you can refresh your column list and Tap Forms. 5. You may need to do this when you make a change to that column list such as changing the sort order or changing the search. To refresh your column list, you just go to the bottom left corner of that column. You’re going to see a little icon there, click on it and it’ll refresh your column lists or refresh the records in your column.

So that’s how you refresh your column list in Tap Forms 5 on the Mac.

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