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Learn why I Like to use Spark Mail as my Default Mail App on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Spark is a mail client that you can use alongside of Apple Mail. You can connect your iCloud mail, google mail, yahoo mail, and most other mail accounts. Spark is the default mail client I use on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Why? It offers a number of additional features than Apple’s Mail app including a Smart View for your Mail, Quick Replies, and mail templates. It also can snooze your email, set follow-up notifications, and it can schedule emails when to be sent. See why I like to use Spark as my default mail app in this video for Spark.

Read more about Spark from the developer. 

Note: This video was created using Spark 2. Readdle has released a new version since then. The new version has a fresh new look, but many of the features highlighted here are in the new app, as well as the older one. Here is a link to the older version which the tutorial is based upon:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the developer, I just like the app. 😊

Affiliate Link: If you’d like to try Spark 3 Mail and other Apple apps, sign up through SetApp. They have hundreds of apps available at a low cost and a 7 day free trial. I personally am a member. SetApp Free Trial.

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