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Learn how to Snooze emails in Spark to help keep your inbox clean on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

When you receive an email, you may not want to reply to it right away. Maybe you do not have the information you need, or you just do not need to. When you do this, that email sits in your inbox. Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove it and have it come back at a later date when you are ready to reply to it? This is what Snooze does in Spark. You can temporarily remove an email from your inbox, to help keep it clean, and have it come back at a later date. See how to snooze an email in Spark on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone in this video for Spark. Note: This video was created using Spark 2. Readdle has released a new version since then. The new version has a fresh new look, but many of the features highlighted here are in the new app, as well as the older one. Here is a link to the older version which the tutorial is based upon: Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the developer, I just like the app. 😊
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