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Use Visual Look Up to Identify Plants, Pets, and More

Use Visual Look Up in Photos in iOS 15 to Identify Plants, Pets, and More

Learn how to identify plants, animals, artwork, and more in the Photos app on the iPhone.

You’re out for a hike and you see a plant you would like to identify. What do you do? In the past, you could download an app to identify it for you, but with iOS 15, Apple added a new AI-driven feature called Visual Look Up that provides more information about photos of plants and flowers. It also has information on pets, books, artworks, and landmarks. How do you use it? When you’re viewing a photo, swipe up or tap the sparkle-badged info button ➊ to see metadata about the image (camera model, image details, location, and more) and then tap Look Up to learn more ➋. Depending on the item recognized, it will suggest Wikipedia articles, similar images from the Web, websites, bookstores, map locations, and more. Tap a suggestion to switch to Safari or another app for details. (If the info button doesn’t have the sparkle badge, Visual Look Up hasn’t identified anything in the photo.)

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