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Save Photos from a Collection to your Photos App

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Learn how to save all the photos or select which photos to save from Messages to your Photos app.

When someone sends you a number of photos, the Messages app places them in a Collection. This was introduced in iOs 15. With this Collection, what you are also able to do is save all the photos (and videos) in the Collection to your Photos app, or select which photos (and videos) you want to save from that Collection. Learn how to save your photos an dvideos from a Collection in this video for Messages on the iPhone.

Video TranscriptIn this video, I’m going to show you how you save files and photos in the Messages app on the iPhone. Let’s say you receive a number of photos or photos and videos, you want to save those to your Photos app. How do you do that? Well, let’s find out. Let’s go to my iPhone.

So I’m using the Messages. And with iOS 15, apple introduced a new way to save your photos and videos that you receive. If we look here, you’re going to see that I have six items in this Collection. This is what they call a Photo Collection. I have here a few photos, as well as this video of them planting tulips in front of our house. I want to save these, someone sent these to me and I want to save these to my photos app.

Well in order to do that, all you have to do is just go over to the right of your Photo Collection here, you go over to the right. You’re going to see this little download icon. I tap on it and I can save these items to my Photos app. So let’s go ahead and tap on this and. It has saved those. Once you save them that icon disappears, because you’ve already saved them.

Let’s go up to this Collection here. I have five photos in this. I swiped to the left or right to view them. I want to save them, but I don’t want to save all of them. I just want to save a couple of them. How do we do that? If I tap on this save icon here, it’s going to save all of the photos in that collection. That’s not what I want to do.

Well, the first thing you need to do is open up that Collection. So I tap on it. It opens it up. I can swipe through the different photos and videos to view them. Now I could just go down and tap on the save button here and it’ll save this one particular photo, but I want to save a couple of them. How do I select which photos I want to save? To do that, what you do is you go up to the upper right hand corner to this thumbnail, and then what you’re able to do is select which photos and videos you want to save.

So I’m going to go with these two photos here. I first need to tap on Select, and now I tap on these two photos and again, it could be photos and videos. Now what I do is I tap on the save icon here and it’s going to save just those two photos.

So let’s open up my Photos app and take a look at this. I swipe up from the bottom here and then we’re going to go over to my Photos app. And then we go over to our Library and you’re going to see, I have those photos there.

So that’s how we save our photos and videos from the Messages app on the iPhone. Basically, all we have to do is just go over to the right of our Collection. If you have a number of photos and videos, it’s going to stack them in a Collection. This was introduced in iOS 15. If you want to save all of those photos and videos in that Collection, you just tap on the save button to the right.

If you want to select which photos and videos you want to save, you tap on the Collection, it opens it up and then you can download each one individually. Or you can go up to the thumbnail icon in the upper right-hand corner. When you tap on that, you can Select which photos and videos you want to save, and then you go to save in the lower right-hand corner.

So that’s how you save photos and videos in the Messages app on the iPhone.

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