Working with macOS

Tutor for macOS Mojave

Learn how to work with specific macOS features including Mission Control, AirDrop, and more.

Do you want to learn more about how to work with some of the more popular features on the Mac? I can help with these lessons. I start out by going over notifications and the Notifications Center. I then move on to the Today view and how it can help you view what is going on today with your calendar and other apps. I also look at Siri and Mission Control. Mission Control is a powerful feature that helps you organize all your open windows and open applications. I also look at how you can open two apps side-by-side while in full screen by using split view. I start wrapping it up with sharing files using AirDrop. And end by going over the various iCloud settings that are available.

Lessons to help you work with specific features on your Mac include:

  • Learn about Notifications and the Notification Center, including the different options available on the Mac.
  • Working with the Today View and adding widgets to the Today view.
  • Using Siri on the Mac.
  • Organizing windows and spaces with Mission Control
  • Opening two applications in full screen with Split View.
  • Sharing Files with your iPhone or iPad with AirDrop
  • iCloud Options and where to find the settings for iCloud.
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