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4 Ways to Open a File on the Mac

Learn 4 ways to open a document or file on the Mac, including how to set the default app for a document!

In addition to double clicking on a document to open it on the Mac, you can also drag it to an application in the Dock, open it through the contextual menu, and open it through an app’s menu. You can also set what the default application is for that document specifically as well as for all the same types of documents! See 4 ways to open a document, as well as opening a document in different apps and setting the default application for a document, in this quick tip for the Mac.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Double Click to Open
01:48 Through the Contextual menu
02:25 Through the Application Menu
03:10 Drag and Drop on the Dock
04:13 BONUS: Setting the Default Application
06:13 Conclusion

Video Transcription

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