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4 Ways to Edit Finder Window Sidebars on the Mac

Learn how to add and remove folders, as well as locations, in the Mac’s Finder Window sidebar.

When you open a Finder window on the Mac, you’ll see a sidebar showing your favorite folders, network locations, Tags, and iCloud folders. You can add and remove your own folders to this sidebar! You can even remove a section or category such as Locations. Any changes you make apply to all the Finder windows on the Mac. See the different ways to add and remove folders and sections or categories in a Finder window in this video for the Mac.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 What is the Sidebar?
01:50 Add Folders via Drag and Drop
02:12 Remove Folders via Drag and Drop
03:13 Remove Folders through keyboard Shortcuts
03:32 Remove Sections
06:05 Conclusion

Video Transcription

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