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  1. macOS Classes
    Classes on macOS
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  2. Tutor for macOS
    Getting Started with the Mac
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  3. Working with the Menu Bar
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  4. Working with the Dock
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  5. Working with the Finder on the Mac
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  6. Working with Applications
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  7. Working with Documents and Folders
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  8. Working with macOS
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  9. macOS Preferences or Settings
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  10. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
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  11. New Features added in macOS Upgrades
    New in macOS Mojave
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  12. New in macOS Catalina
    18 Lessons
  13. New in macOS Big Sur Lessons
    15 Lessons
  14. New in macOS Monterey Lessons
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What hasn’t changed with macOS Big Sur

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Learn how the fundamentals of the Mac have not changed with macOS Big Sur.

What hasn't changed with macOS Big Sur

We’ve all see many videos on what has changed in macOS Big Sur. But what about what hasn’t? Does macOS Big Sur change how I use the Mac? How much do you have to learn if you upgrade to macOS Big Sur? I try to answer these questions by showing how the fundamentals of the Mac have not changed with Big Sur. You still have the Apple Menu, the Dock, the Finder. Your Finder Windows still have the sidebar. See what hasn’t changed in macOS Big Sur in this video on the Mac.

Video Transcript (video also has closed captions):

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