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Forget Wi-Fi Networks that are Troublesome

It’s easy to end up connecting to a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t provide Internet access, , particularly when traveling. They may require credentials you don’t have, or maybe they lack access to the network’s printer. Unfortunately, once your iPhone, iPad, or Mac has connected to such a network, it may reconnect to it later, causing distress or anxiety when things don’t work. What is the solution? Whenever you realize a Wi-Fi network is worthless, forget it. Have your Mac, iPad, or iPhone forget that it ever connected. 

How do you have your device forget the network? 

  • On the Mac, open System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi, select the network in the list (you don’t have to be connected to it), click the – button, and click Remove. 
  • On an iPhone or iPad, when you’re connected to the offending network, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the i button to the right of the current network, and tap Forget This Network on the next screen. 

Once you do that, your Mac, iPad, or iPhone will no longer connect to it.

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