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Shrink Apps to Prevent the MacBook Pro Notch from Obscuring App Controls

If you have a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, you have surely noticed that the camera housing is built into the screen, resulting in a notch like that on the iPhone. In some cases with apps, this notch doesn’t play nicely with an app. Controls can appear to be blocked or hidden. Most developers are updating their apps to ensure that this doesn’t happen, but if you use an older app that doesn’t play nicely with the notch, there’s a fix. Quit the app if it’s running, select it in the Finder’s Applications folder, and choose File > Get Info. In the Info window that opens, select “Scale to fit below built-in camera.” The active area of the display resizes so everything appears below the notch, slightly reducing the overall screen space. Note: This checkbox won’t appear once the app has been updated to avoid the notch.

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