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Build a Quick Keynote Presentation

Learn about the basics of Keynote by building a simple presentation on the Mac.

Are you not sure where to get started with Keynote on the Mac? Take a look at this video where I build a simple presentation using Keynote on the Mac. I cover selecting and adding slides, modifying objects on a slide, adding transitions between slides, and adding build to objects in a slide. Learn how easy it is to build a basic slideshow presentation with Keynote in this video or Keynote on the Mac.

In this video, we’re going to build a quick Keynote presentation or slideshow, we’re not going to get into too many details, I just want to show you how easy it is to build a basic Keynote presentation. Let’s see how we do this. Let’s go to my Mac. So I’m in Keynote here. Let’s go ahead and close this. And we’re just going to create a brand new presentation. So I’m going to go up to the red dot here, and we’re going to close it. Now I want to create a new presentation. To do that, I just go up under file here. And then we go over to New.

Now when we create a presentation, what we can do is we can choose from a theme and existing theme. We have a number of different themes here. Let’s just go with we’re going to go the one that we used for my two uptime presentation. Let’s see here that is under craft here. And here it is this one here. So I’m just going to use the same theme, a double click on it. And now it’s open, you’re going to see we have one slide here, I want to title this, all I have to do is just double click in here, as it says, and I start typing. And then we can double click in here and type. Again, so held every May. So that’s our first slide.

Let’s go and add a couple more. To add a slide all we have to do is just go up to our toolbar here to where we have ADD slide. And when we add a slide, what we’re able to do is select what type of slide we want. So we have photo horizontal, we have bullets, we have a photo three up. So depending on what you’re placing in your slide, you want to choose from one of these different options here. So let’s just go with a quote selected. And now we have a quote, I can type my quote in here. Let’s go on add another slide, I go up under Add slide. This time, what we’re going to do is just add a photo, we’re going to add a couple more in here, I’m just going to randomly select some here. And let’s wrap it up with our title and subtitle again, actually, we’re just going to go with title and center. So now I have five slides in this presentation. If I want to edit any of them, all I have to do is just click on it. And I can go and edit it. I want to change the photo, I click on this.

And I can change the photo, we just go down here to the lower right hand corner and select a new photo. So you can see it’s pretty easy to edit these. If I want to format anything, maybe I want to format this text here, I just click in here we can see it is highlighted. And then we go over to format. And I can go and format that text, I can set the style text and arrange it. And then if I want to add anything, maybe I want to add an image in here, all I have to do is just go up under media here. And I can go and select a photo, I can select a photo from my photos app. Or what I could do is I could just choose from my Mac, I can also select anything from my iPhone. So now that we have our presentation set, I went and edited everything, everything is looking good. The next thing we want to do is add transitions between the slides.

All we have to do is just select the slide, we’re going to go with our first slide here, we want to add a transition to this one, we go over to animate here. And then I just select my transition, click on add effect, I choose the one that I want. If I want to see a preview, I just go over to preview here. I don’t care for that one we’ll go with Yeah, we’ll go with the drop here, I just select Drop. And that’s a transition between these two slides. Let’s go and add another transition, I just go through here and select or go with the fade and move. And with this one here, I like to have the clothesline. If I want to apply the same transition to multiple slides, I can do that as well I just select the slide. So for these next three slides here, actually, I do not have to have this last slide selected because it’s not going to transition to anything else. I just have to select these two, I go over to add an effect. And then I select what I want. We can go and change this, we can change the direction and then we can set when we want it to start transitioning. I’m going to leave it on click. So then when I want to go to the next slide, I just hit the right arrow and it’s going to use that transition.

So now we apply transitions we can see we have the blue dot and the or the blue triangle in the lower right hand corner. Let’s Going to add a couple of builds. So with this quote here, I want to build this in. So what do we do we go over to our anime, we go over to build, and then we add an effect. Let’s go with drift. We’re going to preview this here. We can see a drifting in. Yeah, I like that. Actually, we want to drift in scale. I believe that makes it Yeah, larger. Yeah, I like that one.

So we’re gonna go with drift and scale. And we can do that with each one of these, we just select and add the effect. If we want to have a build out, we can add a build out. And if we want to have an action, we can do that as well. Just going to add an action. And we can rotate this. And we can see it’s rotating. I’m just going to leave that alone. Let’s go and add a transition or a building I’m sorry for these photos here. So I just select Build in, we’re going to go with drift and scale. And with this one here, we will go. Cube. Yep. And with this one here, we can go with flip. And then we can set our Build Order.

This is where we can set which one is going to build first. Maybe I want to have one build for the other I want them to build all at the same time. Do I want to add a delay. I’m going to leave that default, because we’re just building a basic presentation. So now we have our presentation. Let’s take a look and see what this looks like. We just go to our first slide. I click on play here. And we’re going to see, as I hit the spacebar, our builds. We can see that zoom in.

There’s our transition, our clothesline transition. We have these buildings here. And then our last slide. So those are the basics of building a presentation. As you can see, it’s pretty simple. We choose a theme, we add our slides, we add the content, edit the content, and then we add our transitions and builds. That’s the order that I like to do them in. Once we have it all set, we just click on play and it will play that slideshow or presentation. We use the spacebar or the arrow key to advance between our different slides. So that’s the very basics of building a slideshow with Keynote on the Mac.

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