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My 4 Favorite New Features in Reminders with iPadOS 16

Learn my favorite new features in Reminders, including how to view your Reminders grouped by day or time, pin your lists, create templates for lists, and the new Smart Folder options with iPadOS 16 and the Reminders app on your iPad.

Apple introduced a number of new features in Reminders with iPadOS 16. These features include the ability to pin your lists, save a list as a template and create new lists from templates, an improved view for scheduled and groups, as well as a smarter Smarter List for folders. See these new features in this video for what is new in iPadOS 16 on the iPad and the Reminders app.


  1. Introduction
  2. Group Reminders by Day
  3. Pin Lists
  4. Create Reminders Lists from Templates
  5. Smarter Smart Lists
  6. Conclusion
Video Transcription

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