Tutor for iPad

Tutor for iPad

Want to learn more about your iPad? I can help with my Tutor for iPad. In this tutorial I look the basic features of the iPad to help get you up and running. This includes using the Home button, organizing apps, viewing notifications, using the Control Center, searching your iPad, viewing storage usage, and the privacy options for your iPad.

I will also cover multitasking with Slide-Over, using Airdrop, cut and copy, and iPadOS (iOS 13) features. Look for these lessons toward the beginning of November.

If you want to learn a little more about your iPad and how to customize it, I can help with Tutor for iPad.

Work in Process

FYI: All the lessons have not been added to this tutorial yet as I am actively working on. Check back often while I complete it to see what’s new.

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iPad Tips
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Tutor for iPad
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What's New in iPadOS (iOS 13 for the iPad)
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