Tutor for Image Capture on the Mac

In this tutorial we look at how Image Capture on the Mac imports photos and videos from our camera and how we scan documents with Image Capture. We start out by looking at how we can see all the data about a photo like the focal length, ISO, shutter speed and more. We then see how we can select and import images to different folders and apps. We also see how we can set what happens by default when we connect a camera to our Mac. We then switch gears and look at scanning documents using Image Capture, including doing a simplified scan and detailed scans where we can set DPI, do image correction, set file types, among other options. If you are looking for a different way to import your photos or you want to scan documents with your Mac, Tutor for Image Capture can help!

This Tutorial is originally from Noteboom Tutorials

This tutorial was originally from my other site, Noteboom Tutorials. Read more about how and why my site Noteboom Tutorials became my new site Dan’s Tutorials.

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