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In this tutorial, I look at iCloud on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I start out in each section by discussing what is iCloud. I then go to setting up iCloud. From there I look at the various services iCloud has to offer in detail including sharing photos, sharing files, sharing notes, sharing calendars, and more. I also look at how we enable Family Sharing and Find my Mac. I then start wrapping it up with managing your iCloud storage and then I take a quick look at iCloud.com. With iCloud.com, you can access all of your iCloud data from any browser. If you want to learn more about iCloud on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone, I can help with Tutor for iCloud.

This Tutorial is originally from Noteboom Tutorials

This tutorial was originally from my other site, Noteboom Tutorials. Read more about how and why my site Noteboom Tutorials became my new site Dan’s Tutorials.

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Tutor for iCloud on the Mac
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Tutor for iCloud on the iPad
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Tutor for iCloud on the iPhone
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