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What is Freeform and what can you do with it on the iPad?

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Do you have an idea that you’d like to brainstorm on? Maybe work with others on it? Learn how you can work on your ideas and collaborate with others with the Freeform app on the iPad.

Freeform is an app introduced by Apple with iPad OS 16.2 that is also available on the Mac and iPhone. It allows you to brainstorm ideas by creating a board where you can add objects such as a seating chart, house layout or logo idea. You can also collaborate with others. To use Freeform, you create a board and then draw or place objects on it. You can resize, rotate and move objects around on the board. You can also change the color and add outlines to objects, duplicate or delete them, and add text. If you have a permanent object on your board, you can lock it so that it cannot be moved. You can also add comments, format text and add images from various sources.

Topics and Chapters:
00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – Where to Find the Freeform App on the iPad
01:24 – A Quick Look at a Freeform Board
02:19 – Working with Objects in a Freeform Board
04:24 – Add a Comment to a Freeform Board
04:34 – Add and Format Text in a Freeform Board
04:55 – Add Images and Files to a Freeform Board
05:07 – Change the View Level of a Freeform Board
06:11 – Search for Shapes to Add to a Freeform Board
06:44 – Lock an Object to a Freeform Board
07:54 – Hide the Grid on a Freeform Board
08:08 – Zoom to Fit Content on a Freeform Board
08:31 – Create, Rename, and Duplicate Freeform Boards
09:01 – Favorite Freeform Boards
09:26 – Change the View and Sort your Freeform Boards
09:44 – Group your Freeform Boards
10:10 – Search your Freeform Boards
10:52 – Collaborate with Others with Freeform Boards
12:41 – Manage Collaboration Settings in a Freeform Board
13:45 – Wrap Up

See how the Freeform app on the iPad can help you brainstorm your ideas!

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