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Tutor for Mac is now Available

I recently added Tutor for Mac to the site. This tutorial includes 70 lessons on the Mac. I have it divided into 9 different sections to help you learn more about your Mac. This tutorial was recorded with macOS Mojave, but even if you are using an older macOS, most of the lessons will cover the last few OS’s Apple has released. If you are new to Mojave, I also have a section just for what’s new in Mojave.

Sections include:

  • Getting Started
  • Working with the Menu Bar
  • Working with the Dock
  • Working with Applications
  • Working with Documents and Folders
  • macOS Features
  • Customizing your Mac
  • New in macOS Mojave
  • Organizing and Troubleshooting

Take a look at the tutorial and see if I can help you learn more about your Mac!

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