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20 All New Lessons for Tutor for iPad are now available

I recently added the first couple of topics for my Tutor for iPad totaling 20 lessons. Topics include 13 lessons on iPad basics including working with the Dock on the iPad, arranging your apps, accessing the Today view, working with notifications and the Notification Center, keyboard options, taking and marking up screenshots, and more.

The second group of lessons focus on settings for the iPad, including Do Not Disturb settings, passcode options, viewing your iPad storage, and privacy settings, among other lessons.

I have a few more topics I am getting ready for you. These include multitasking on the iPad, troubleshooting options for the iPad and what’s new in iPadOS (iOS 13 on the iPad), as well as a few more lessons to be added to the existing topics. Look for these in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the lessons I have available for you today!

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