Tutor for Final Cut Pro is now Available

Tutor for Final Cut Pro

I recently added my Tutor for Final Cut Pro to the site. This tutorial includes over 50 lessons on Final Cut Pro for the Mac. With the Final Cut Pro, you can create professional edits to your movies including working with multiple clips, multiple cameras, using green screen effects, detaching audio form clips, stabilizing clips, and so much more. This tutorial is divided into 5 sections to make it easy to follow along. These sections include lessons on the interface and importing, working with projects, working with clips, advanced editing options, and sharing options.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create and organize libraries of clips
  • How to rate clips
  • How to add keywords to clips
  • How to add placeholder clips to the timeline
  • How to create split-edits
  • How to add a freeze frame
  • How to make three-point edits
  • How to mask clips
  • How to add key frames
  • How to match color between clips
  • And much more

Take a look at the tutorial and see if I can help you learn more about the Final Cut Pro on your Mac and iPhone!

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