On a personal note: Three years cancer free

I had my semi-annual checkup today, and all came out good! My doctor told Beth and myself that my white cell blood count was good, my tumor markers were good, and overall my blood work looked “excellent.” My blood pressure was great, and I didn’t gain any weight. It was everything my wife and I wanted to hear! Now, they only took blood samples this round, as I am on an annual plan for CT scans now. This means that I am just a few weeks shy of being cancer free for three years!

Your bloodwork looks excellent.

Dr. Timmer

For this who do not know, I was diagnosed with appendix cancer back in 2017. After numerous surgeries, including the Mother of All Surgeries (HIPEC), I was rolled out of the hospital after a three-week stay back in August of 2017. At that time, only two hospitals in the State of Michigan handled the type of surgery I had. Luckily for me, one was about a 45-minute drive from our house. Again, lucky for me, I had good insurance through the ACA, and it wasn’t BCBS, who looks at the surgery I had as experimental, and they refuse to pay for it regularly.

I share this news to celebrate my personal news and to bring awareness to this rare form of cancer. It is not known how a person gets it. It is not related to the environment, and it is not hereditary, so far as they know. As far as famous people who passed from this, most of you have heard of the name Audrey Hepburn. Yes, she passed away from appendix cancer. They are making great strides with it though. Before the surgery I had, in most cases, you had 6-12 months left. For me, the treatment was curative. That is a long way from 6-12 months!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their support over the last 3 years! It’s good to be back! If you are new to the site… I’m not going anywhere but forward! 🙂


Read more about appendix cancer here.

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