Three upcoming Apple features that matter more than FaceTime and SharePlay (Macworld/Dan Moren)

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference firmly behind us, we’re taking our sweet time picking our way through everything coming to Apple’s platforms this fall. As usual, there were way more changes than Apple talked about onstage, and between watching the conference sessions, scrolling through long webpages of features, and keeping a gimlet eye on Twitter, even more have come to light.

But with such a preponderance of information, it can sometimes be hard to suss out which changes are likely to make a big impact on the lives of Apple users, and which will end up disappearing into the pond without so much as a ripple. Will we still be talking about iPad widgets a year from now? Will everyone have switched to Apple’s new two-factor authentication generator? Some features will have staying power; others won’t.

With that in my mind, here are my bets on which of Apple’s new features will make the biggest difference for its users.

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