These three annoying Apple problems finally have fixes on the way (Macworld/Dan Moren)

Let’s all say it together: Apple’s not perfect. As good as the company is at creating products, even the folks from Cupertino are not immune from the occasional misstep. Nobody bats a thousand.

Sometimes those choices are quickly corrected—the brief reign of the third-generation iPod’s weird touch controls, for example—but sometimes they can linger on for some time, like the trash can Mac Pro or autocorrect’s odd choices. The truth is, sometimes these issues aren’t quick fixes, but bigger problems that require a more in-depth consideration of how to come up with a solution that not only corrects those issues, but also the problems those mistaken decisions were intended to handle in the first place.

Recently, reports have surfaced of a few changes to upcoming Apple software intended to fix some persistent issues, and which ought to to help improve the experience of Apple users everywhere. And some of those fixes may arrive pretty soon, to boot.

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