The Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business

Tom Persky, owner of, in an interview with Niek Hilkmann and Thomas Walskaar for AIGA’s Eye on Design:

In the beginning, I figured we would do floppy disks, but never
CDs. Eventually, we got into CDs and I said we’d never do DVDs. A
couple of years went by and I started duplicating DVDs. Now I’m
also duplicating USB drives. You can see from this conversation
that I’m not exactly a person with great vision. I just follow
what our customers want us to do. When people ask me: “Why are you
into floppy disks today?” the answer is: “Because I forgot to get
out of the business.” Everybody else in the world looked at the
future and came to the conclusion that this was a dying industry.
Because I’d already bought all my equipment and inventory, I
thought I’d just keep this revenue stream. I stuck with it and
didn’t try to expand. Over time, the total number of floppy users
has gone down. However, the number of people who provided the
product went down even faster. If you look at those two curves,
you see that there is a growing market share for the last man
standing in the business, and that man is me.

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