The Check Is in the Mail, I’m Sure

Speaking of Truth Social, here are Charlie Gasparino and Eleanor Terrett, reporting for the well-known hotbed of left-wing propaganda Fox Business:

Former President Donald Trump’s social media outfit, Truth
Social, is locked in a bitter battle with one of its vendors
claiming that the platform is stiffing the company out of more
than $1 million in contractually obligated payments, Fox Business
has learned. […]

In October, RightForge announced it entered into an agreement to
host Truth Social, which Trump helped create after he was banned
by Twitter following the Jan. 6 riots. RightForge now contends
that Truth Social has reneged on its contractually obligated
monthly payments for setting up the platform’s web-servicing
infrastructure, according to three people with direct knowledge of
the matter.

These people say RightForge contends that Truth Social has made
just three payments and ceased making any payments since around
March. RightForge claims that Truth Social owes it around $1.6
million and is threatening legal action to recoup the money, these
people add.

Donald Trump stiffing a vendor? Get me to the fainting couch. I just can’t believe it.

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