The Back Page: Dial F for Forstall (Member Post)

from the case files of Spotlight

Lawyers. I don’t hold much with ’em as a rule, but they pay well, and I’ve got more than a few app subscriptions to my name. So when this fellow walks through my door with the troubled expression that usually means an NVRAM reset, I knew this was the kind of case that could put all my in-game currency problems behind me.

The name’s Spotlight. I find things.

“Pull up a chair,” I said. “What can I do for you?”

“I represent a…large fruit concern.” His evasive expression was more than just shifty—it’d gone all the way to Caps Lock. “We need you to find someone.”

“Supply chain not paying their bills again? Or you still trying to track down those leakers?”

“Neither.” He pulled out a light blue folder and slid it across my desktop. “Former employee. Lit out almost a decade ago, without so much as an email forward.”

“Tough break. Why now?”

“That’s not your concern, Mr. Spotlight.” He was glued up tight, this one, with pentalobe screws to boot. “We just need a phone number.”

“What do I look like, the Contacts app?” I said, sliding the folder back to him.

His fingers drummed a marimba on his thigh, jittering like he was trying to keep his screen from going to sleep.…

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