TextExpander Raises $41 Million in Funding

Ingrid Lunden, reporting for TechCrunch:

Today, a company called TextExpander — which has identified and
built a way to fix a similar gap in another repetitive aspect of
business life, communications, by letting users create customized
shortcuts to trigger longer text-based actions such as specific
phrasing around a topic, calendar events, emails, messages, CRM
systems and many other environments — is announcing $41.4 million
in funding to expand something else: its business.

Alongside the funding, the company is also appointing a new CEO,
J.D. Mullin, who is taking over from Philip Goward, who co-founded
the company originally with Greg Scown. TextExpander was born out
of another developer platform they built called Smile — you can
read more about that early history, with an interesting nod to how
they originally met at Macworld and how the threat of a clone led
them to build for iOS after first launching on Mac, here — and
both are keeping seats on the board and remaining involved in
aspects of development.

Mullin arrives at TextExpander after a four-year stint as an executive at Intuit, a company beloved in the Mac community for its commitment to excellent platform-native software.

Apropos of nothing, longstanding rivals to TextExpander include Typinator, TypeIt4Me, and aText.

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