Texas Police Want Uvalde Bodycam Footage Suppressed Because It Could Expose Law Enforcement ‘Weakness’

Jason Koebler, reporting for Vice:

The Texas Department of Public Safety has asked the state’s Office
of the Attorney General to prevent the public release of police
body camera footage from the mass shooting at Robb Elementary
School in Uvalde in part because, it argues, the footage could be
used by other shooters to determine “weaknesses” in police
response to crimes. […]

“Revealing the marked records would provide criminals with
invaluable information concerning Department techniques used to
investigate and detect activities of suspected criminal elements;
how information is assessed and analyzed; how information is
shared among partner law enforcement agencies and the lessons
learned from the analysis of prior criminal activities,” the
department wrote in a letter to the Office of the Attorney General
that asked the office to prevent the release of the public
records. “Knowing the intelligence and response capabilities of
Department personnel and where those employees focus their
attention will compromise law enforcement purposes by enabling
criminals to anticipate weakness in law enforcement procedures and
alter their methods of operation in order to avoid detection and

Translation: The bodycam footage will further reveal the cowardice and ineptitude of the police, so we’re begging you to let us suppress it.

As Darth notes, the footage is mostly going to show the school parking lot.

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